General Information to Candidates

Scheme of Examination




            There will be two parts in this examination.  Part I and  Part II.


 (a) Part - I

            This part is used to test the ability of candidates to type a passage in the permissible time.  Software is used to evaluate the performance of this test.  The software has a built-in text editor.  The question paper shall consist of a text passage of 1500/2250 characters.  The candidates have to type this text in the text editor.  There will be provision to correct the mistakes if any occurred during typing.  Maximum time allowed for this Part is 10 minutes.  The keyboard will be locked automatically after 10 minutes.  The software will evaluate text passage typed by the candidate.  The result will be displayed and its print copy is to be signed by the candidate.  Maximum mark is 100.  The minimum marks required for a pass is 40. 

Model question (Lower & Higher)


(b) Part II     

            In this part, a candidate will be supplied a formatted text document. He/she has to create a soft copy of the given document using MS Word.  The maximum time allowed is 20/50 minutes.  The maximum mark is 100.  This part will be evaluated only if the candidate has passed Part I.

Model question (Lower & Higher)


General instructions to candidates


  1. KGTE Word Processing Examination is a practical Examination
  2. Candidates will be permitted to attend the Examination, only if his/her name is included in the center-wise list of Examination, issued by the Pareeksha Bhavan Thiruvananthapuram.
  3. Candidates who does not bring their hall ticket will not be permitted to attend the Examination.
  4. Candidate should remit the Examination fee at LBS Center for Science and Technology.  The fee fixed for word Processing Lower is Rs. 100/- and that for Higher is Rs. 150/-.
  5. Change of Examination Centre is not permissible.
  6. Five minutes times will be allowed to each candidate for keyboard familiarization before the commencement of the examination.
  7. Part II Examination will be conducted first followed by Part I examination.
  8. Candidate should put their signature with name in the printouts of their practical exam results.


Complaints if any should be given in writing before leaving the Examination Centre and should be hand over to the officer-in-charge of the examination.